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Quantum Computing & Algorithms

Quantum Computing & Algorithms

Impact Stories

Toronto-based Xanadu is racing to build the world’s first photonic-based, fault-tolerant quantum computer – a machine that could have applications in everything from drug discovery to climate change mitigation
Quantum Science stock photo (Gradient colorful particles wallpaper)
6 CQIQC Members received $2.3M from the government to support projects in quantum computing, quantum thermometry, and quantum devices.
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Members Quantum Computing & Algorithms

Prof. Alán Aspuru-Guzik
Vector Institute, Departments of Chemistry and Computer Science, UofT
CQIQC Member
Quantum computing, AI for discovery and self-driving labs, energy and functional materials
Prof. Juan Felipe Carrasquilla
Vector Institute, Department of Physics, UofT
CQIQC Member
Quantum many-body physics, machine learning, quantum computing.
Prof. Artur Izmaylov
Department of Chemistry, UofT
CQIQC Member
Quantum computing, electronic structure, nonadiabatic chemical dynamics
Prof. Arno Jacobsen
Departments of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science, UofT
CQIQC Member
Quantum computing for data management, machine learning, big data and distributed systems.
Prof. Daniel James
Department of Physics, UofT
CQIQC Member
Theory of quantum and classical optics, entanglement for communications, computation and metrology
Prof. Sorin Voinigescu
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, UofT
CQIQC Member
Elevated Temperature Large Scale Monolithic Quantum Processors
Prof. Nathan Wiebe
Department of Computer Science, UofT
CQIQC Member
Quantum simulation, machine learning, quantum computing
Prof. Henry Yuen
Department of Computer Science, Columbia
CQIQC Member
quantum computing, complexity theory, cryptography, and information theory