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Industry Internships for Students and Postdocs

CQIQC is the holder of a Mitacs Accelerate Umbrella program that fast-tracks Mitacs-supported industry internships in quantum computing. The program is open to companies in Canada and to graduate students and postdocs affiliated with the University of Toronto.

CQIQC's Mitacs Accelerate Umbrella program - CQIQC Internships in Quantum Computing - has an envelope of 90 pre-approved internship units at a total award value of $1,350,000.

The program supports industry internships for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who are affiliated with the University of Toronto (U of T). The internships are led by and located at Canadian companies and will focus on research into the following areas of quantum computing (QC):

  1. Architecture of quantum computers
  2. Chip design and testing
  3. Detector design, calibration, and testing
  4. Quantum computing algorithms
  5. Quantum computing software
  6. Applying quantum computing methods for chemistry, materials, finance, etc.
  7. Educational materials and activities for quantum computing users.

Companies in search of research talent and researchers seeking internship opportunities can benefit from this program. Applying for Mitacs funding is fast (<1 month) and program promotion in CQIQC's large industry and academic networks facilitate matchmaking between company internships, interns, and academic supervisors.

We invite Canadian companies to submit internship projects in quantum computing and U of T students and postdoctoral fellows to browse and apply to open internship projects advertised here.

Company & Project Title Applications Length, Timing & Location More Information Number of Positions
Pasqal, "Real-world applications based on neutral atom quantum computers - QC-755" Open 6-12 months, ASAP, Sherbrooke, QC more information 1
BEIT Canada, "CodeQraft - An Optimizing Compiler for Quantum Error Correction" Open 4-8 months, starting > September 2024 (flexible), In-person in MaRS, 101 College St., Toronto more information 2-4
Xanadu, "Correlation-aware GKP Qubit Decoding" Closed 4 months, May-Aug 2024, Toronto, Ontario
Xanadu, "Near-Term Quantum Algorithms for Simulation of Spectroscopy" Closed 4 months, May-Aug 2024, Toronto, Ontario

Upon successful project-student matching, an application for fast-tracked internship funding is made through the Mitacs Accelerate Umbrella Part 2 form.

For guidance, please contact Anna Dyring.