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External Opportunities

CQIQC is part of a community of researchers and institutions exploring the rapidly evolving interdisciplinary fields of quantum information and quantum control. The following listing showcases some of the outstanding opportunities available outside of the U of T, for the benefit of our students and anyone working in or about to entering the field.

Jobs and Fellowships by Deadline

|Open Now!| Xanadu's Architecture Team is seeking a Photonic Quantum Computer Researcher. The selected candidate will work on designing, simulating, and analyzing methods for preparing bosonic qubits to be used in Xanadu’s architectures for fault-tolerant, photonic quantum computers. For this role it is important to excel in theoretical quantum optics or bosonic qubit encodings, and numerical techniques.

|Open Now!| Software Engineer, QubitSolve: Seeking two full-time software engineers to help develop Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tools for quantum computers. Candidates can have experience with either CFD or quantum computing, or both. Preferred job location is Morgantown, WV, but remote work can be accommodated. Apply ASAP; QubitSolve aims to make job offers in May 2024.

|Open Now!| Senior Vice President, Business Development, Quantum Computing Inc.: QCi is seeking a seasoned executive with a strong background in go-to-market execution, technology sales, and business development in both Federal and commercial markets. The SVP for Business Development will be responsible for developing and executing revenue generation initiatives, forging strategic partnerships, and driving sales to accelerate the growth of Quantum Computing Inc.

|Open Now!| Multiple Positions, IonQ: IonQ currently has 9 positions for its College Park location and 3 that can be remote. These include in-person: Cryogenic Production Technician, Senior Engineer - Trap Control Design, Senior Mechanical Engineer - Device Packaging, Senior Systems Engineer, Staff Engineer - Integrated Photonics, Staff Power Engineer - Quantum Computing, Staff RF Engineer, Staff Security Engineer. Staff Software Engineer - Automation & Calibration; and remote: Director of Investor Relations, Quantum Computing, Senior Manager, Platform Engineering, and Staff Researcher - Quantum Error Correction.

|Open Now!| Post-Doctoral Fellow, Quantum Computing, Thermo Fisher Scientific:Thermo Fisher is seeking up to two post-docs with significant quantum computing experience who can help to develop QC applications in domains of interest, e.g. life sciences, pharma biotech, healthcare, industrial & applied sciences, clinical & diagnostic applications, lab solutions, etc. Preferred job location in or near Frederick, MD.

|Open Now!| Noblis QLab Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Maryland: Noblis is partnering with the QLab to evaluate if and/or how quantum computing can provide value for use-cases relevant to Noblis and its U.S. federal customers. In close collaboration with Noblis researchers, the postdoc help to identify challenge areas where quantum computing could potentially provide an advantage, develop algorithms relevant to selected use-cases, and prepare analyses for publication and peer-review. US citizenship required. A formal job posting is forthcoming, but the goal is to hire ASAP, so interested parties should contact

|Open Now!| Quantum Algorithms Specialist, NIST: The NIST Information Technology Laboratory anticipates filling one or more positions within its Applied and Computational Mathematics Division (ACMD) during the coming year. Candidates with expertise in the development and analysis of algorithms for future quantum computers, including computational complexity theory and schemes for fault tolerance. Of particular interest are applications in number theory, cryptography and quantum chemistry simulation. Candidates must have a Ph.D. (or equivalent research experience) in mathematics, physics, computer science, or a related field. Appointments at both the junior and senior levels will be considered. US citizenship required. Interested parties are invited to contact Ronald Boisvert

|Open Now!| The Department of Chemistry in the Faculty of Science at the University of Calgary is accepting applications for two or more Postdoctoral Scholars in Quantum chemistry on quantum chemistry/quantum computers/machine learning methods and applications. Evaluation of applications will begin on March 1, 2024 and continue until the position is filled. Review the Postdoc Eligibility Guidelines for more information. Interested applicants may direct any inquiries to

|Open Now!| NRC/ECCC opportunity in a new research project on quantum sensing investigating the development of Rydberg atoms as RF sensors, RASERS, and their potential applications in remote sensing. Postdoctoral fellows who may be interested in starting ASAP are encouraged to apply by writing to

|Open Now!| Postdoctoral fellow opportunity for a 2 year pdf at the University of Toronto, extendable for an additional year, working on ultralow temperature magneto transport measurements of nanowire structures aimed at Majorana fermions for quantum information. Persons with a PhD in experimental condensed matter physics are strongly encouraged to apply by writing to

|2024.04.04| QLab Director, University of Maryland: UMD is recruiting a Director to lead its National Quantum Laboratory (QLab) user facility into its next phase as an established leader in practical quantum computing and strategically engage the QLab with partners around the world. After exceptional work creating and growing the QLab into a vibrant practical quantum computing community, Dr. Franz Klein, QLab's Founding Director, is transitioning to a Scientific Director role to focus on technical collaborations and support. The new Director will help to further expand QLab and integrate it into UMD, regional, national and global initiatives to accelerate practical QC applications and grow the quantum workforce. Job location in College Park, MD. Best consideration by April 4.

|2024.04.30| Globalink Research Award (GRA) quantum technologies initiative. This program supports international travel abroad and to Canada for academic research projects in the quantum sector (no company involvement for this program). More information here and at the GRA Quantum info session on April 2 (registration link).

|2024.04| Quantum Mobility Quest, a joint initiative by Airbus and BMW in search of the most advanced QC solutions. Students, researchers and scientists may submit in one or more categories and have a chance to win prize money of 30.000 EUROS per category.

Quantum Grants & Awards by Deadline

|2024.05.01| Collaborative Research and Training Experience Program: Letters of Intent due May 1st, full application (if invited) September 22nd.

|2024.06.01| Global X-Prize competition to find uses of quantum computing (sponsored by Google) registration closes in June 2024

|2024.06.14| Alliance Quantum Grants: Advancing the industrial readiness of quantum sensing technologies.

Grants and Opportunities - Open Call

UofT Research Funding Opportunities Database - Check often and search for your particular areas of speciality.

NSERC-National Science Foundation – Collaboration on quantum science and artificial intelligence: This new NSERC-NSF collaborative research opportunity focuses specifically on discoveries and innovations in the areas of artificial intelligence and quantum science.

SCC is recruiting experts to serve as MC Members, MC Chair and MC Vice-Chair of a new ISO/IEC Joint Technical Committee (JTC) on Quantum technologies.

Horizon Europe: Canadian researchers are now eligible to apply for and directly receive funding. Quantum clusters and themes in the program: “Civil Security for Society” and “Digital, Industry and Space.” U of T’s information on this program is available here.