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CSSQI 2015: Canadian Summer School on Quantum Information

The field of quantum information processing investigates the ultimate limits of computation and information transmission. If we think about modifying, storing, transferring, or coding information, ultimately we cannot disregard the physical environment in which information is written. In a short: information is physical. With this fundamental observation in mind, during the last 30 years, it has been shown that information processing in the classical physics and quantum physics regimes exhibit striking differences. Indeed, this perspective has brought us to observe that certain counter-intuitive aspects of quantum physics permit algorithms that can solve important computational problems faster than their best-known classical analogues. Moreover, information stored in quantum systems can be transferred in a provably secure way. These results have suggested new fundamental experiments and are at the core of some recent commercial applications in encryption technologies.

The Canadian Summer School on Quantum Information (CSSQI) is an annual meeting that serves the Canadian and international quantum information science community and has become a central component of Canada's world-leading role in quantum information research and training.

This year will mark the 15th annual CSSQI. The school will be held the week before the Conference on Quantum Information & Quantum Control (CQIQC). CQIQC is a biennial workshop started in 2004 that brings together and fosters discussion among experts and junior researchers from around the world in all aspects of quantum information and control. We believe that the combination of these two back-to-back events at the Fields Institute will build on the excellent traditions of both meetings.

The 15th school will cover the fundamentals of quantum information processing, and shed light on critical developments and the associated technologies that affect our current understanding and ability to modify, store, transfer, and code information.

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