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Post Doctoral Fellow Profile - Coraline Fujiwara

cora_fujiwara head shot

The U of T Department of Physics has published a profile on Dr. Coraline Fujiwara, a postdoctoral fellow whose research focuses on using ultracold fermionic potassium in optical lattices to study problems in condensed matter physics.

Fujiwara works with Professor Joseph Thywissen studying trapped gases of ultracold potassium. From 2020 to 2022, she was a recipient of a Centre for Quantum Information and Quantum Control postdoctoral fellowship.

The profile discusses Fujiwara's scientific interests and provides links to Thywissen group publications such as this piece in Nature about exchange-antisymmetric pair wavefunctions in fermionic systems. It explores her educational background, hobbies, and the particular advantages of working at U of T.