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Conference on Quantum Information & Quantum Control (CQIQC III)

Future developments in the field of Quantum Computing and Quantum control are eagerly anticipated and include the discovery of new algorithms which could efficiently employ quantum computers, especially the relatively small size devices available today and in the near future; the development of improved threshold theorems to determine the requirements for scalable quantum computing; security proofs for a number of the alternate proposals for secure quantum communications; further elucidation of the various measures of entanglement, their relationship, and how they can be efficiently extracted from experimental data; and overall, the continued work on a number of parallel candidate systems for quantum computation, and development of the necessary logic gates and error-correction techniques to bring this theory to practice.

Developments continue to rely upon system coherence and decoherence. As such focus will also be directed towards recent developments in coherence and control in larger molecular systems such a nanostructures and biomolecules.

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