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Conference on Quantum Information and Quantum Control VI (CQIQC-VI)

This upcoming conference is the sixth in a successful series of conferences in the area of Quantum Information and Quantum Control, and the fourth conference at which we will award the prestigious John Stewart Bell Prize.

The conference aims to bring together researchers from a broad set of areas ranging from quantum cryptography and computation to quantum control to quantum foundations to device fabrication, in a setting which encourages discussion and can help stimulate new collaborations and interactions. There will be roughly 25 40-minute invited talks, delivered by world leaders of the field and roughly 25 20-minute contributed talks, which will be selected from what we expect (based on the previous meetings) to be a large pool of truly excellent work from around the world. There will also be at least one poster session, during which there will be an opportunity for young researchers to present work. The meeting will involve researchers at all stages of their careers, including participation by graduate students.

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