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Active Silicon Photonics Fabrication Workshop 2023

Click here to register on CMC Microsystems's event page Click here to register on CMC Microsystems's event page

Organizer(s): CMC Microsystems


  • Myhal Center: 55 St George St, Toronto, ON M5S 0C9
  • Bahen Center: 40 St George St, Toronto, ON M5S 2E4

Cost: Free for U of T participants (contact Jessica Zhang at for assistance). $25 for non-U of T participants

Summary: This workshop will teach participants how to design, simulate, fabricate, and test photonic integrated circuits (PICs). It combines lectures with hands-on practice in integrated silicon photonics design and chip fabrication in a foundry. The design of participants will be fabricated by AMF Si Photonics technology and the ANT NanoSOI Si Photonics technology available through CMC Microsystems. Siemens, Lumerical, Luceda, and Applied NanoTools are supporting this course by providing participants with access to their tools and services.

It is co-taught by Canadian silicon photonics professors, CMC Microsystems engineers, and industry professionals.

This workshop is held concurrently with U of T ECE's Compute Acceleration Symposium at the University of Toronto on May 17, 2023.