Opportunities and Programs for CQIQC Faculty

  1. The Bell Prize

    The John Stewart Bell Prize for Research on Fundamental Issues in Quantum Mechanics and their Applications ("Bell Prize") was established in 2009 by the Centre for Quantum Information and Quantum Control to honor John Bell, whose ground-breaking work laid the foundations for modern applications of quantum mechanics but also forever changed the way we view nature, locality, and causality. The biennial award recognizes the most recent major advances relating to the foundations of quantum mechanics and to the applications of these principles – this covers, but is not limited to, quantum information theory, quantum computation, quantum foundations, quantum cryptography, and quantum control. The winner is selected by an arms-length committee of international experts, and the award presented at the CQIQC's biennial meeting in Toronto. The prize is not intended as a "lifetime achievement" award, but rather to highlight the continuing rapid pace of research in these areas. It is intended to cover even-handedly theoretical and experimental research, both fundamental and applied.

    See: http://cqiqc.physics.utoronto.ca/bell_prize/index.html
  2. CQIQC Postdoctoral Fellowships

    Prize postdoctoral fellowships in Quantum Information & Control at the University of Toronto are awarded on a competitive basis. Each fellow will have the opportunity to work within U of T's Center for Quantum Information and Quantum Control (see http://cqiqc.physics.utoronto.ca for more information), with a broad and vibrant group of researchers spanning the Departments of Physics, Chemistry, and Electrical & Computer Engineering. Highly qualified applicants with a Ph.D. in any area related to quantum information or control will be considered. Applications will be considered either to work with an existing group in CQIQC or to pursue an independent research proposal, but preference will be given to proposals which have the possibility of building on the existing strengths in CQIQC.

    Such fellowships can be used to work with any Member or Associate of CQIQC who agrees to take on the fellow; applicants are not required to choose a group before applying. Applicants need to be within 5 years of obtaining their Ph.D. All Fellows will be expected to carry out their research at the University of Toronto and to participate in the intellectual life of the Center.

    More Informaton: Postdoctoral Fellowship in Quantum Information & Control
  3. Quantum Teas

    On the first Wednesday of each month we host tea and coffee for students, postdocs and faculty in the chemical physics theory group lounge, 4th floor of Lash-Miller building, 3-4 PM. This is a good opportunity for cross-group discussions and to update each other on recent research highlights. Occasionally we have informal presentations/discussions on a topic of current interest.
  4. Seminar Series

    Our seminar series, held Fridays in the Fields Institute, has been consistently popular. In 2013/14 the series will be organized by a CQIQC student committee. Please pass on speaker suggestions to the committee. They will also nominate one special lecturer each semester that the students will host. This is considered an honor for the invitees and it will be a fun experience for the students to meet with a leader in the field of that lecture. For suggestions regarding seminar speakers for the 2013/2014 series, please contact CQIQC-seminar@physics.utoronto.ca.

    See: http://cqiqc.physics.utoronto.ca/seminars/index.html
  5. CQIQC Undergraduate Summer Research Studentships

    The Center for Quantum Information and Quantum Control (CQIQC), located at the University of Toronto, is accepting applications for Prize Scholarships for Undergraduate Students to undertake Summer Research Projects at the University of Toronto in 2018. CQIQC will provide funds for students to spend the summer working in one of the research groups associated with the Center.

    Qualifications: Advanced undergraduates majoring in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Quantum dynamics in molecules and nanoscale systems or related areas, with excellent GPAs who have one or more years remaining in their programme before the expected completion of their undergraduate degree.

    More Informaton: CQIQC Undergraduate Summer Research Studentships
  6. How to Apply: Your application consists of a one-page personal statement of your research interests, your CV (including course listing with grades up to the Fall term of 2017), and (if possible) a letter of support by a faculty member. All attachments in pdf format.

    Closing Date: Jan 31 2018.

    Submit applications to:
    Anna Ho
    CQIQC Administrator
    University of Toronto
    80 St. George St.
    Toronto, Ontario M5S3H6

  7. Visiting Scientists

    Distinguished visitors sponsored by two or more CQIQC faculty members can be partly supported by CQIQC (typically at the level of $1000–$4000). Applications can be made anytime, and decisions will be announced biannually. Usually these awards are for our external affiliates.

    Application: A one-page (max.) description of the benefits to CQIQC, particularly to student training, and a proposed budget.
  8. The CQIQC Biennial Conference
  9. Every two years we host a conference at the Fields Institute, Toronto, in the area of Quantum Information and Quantum Control. In addition to invited lectures and contributed talks, we award the prestigious John Stewart Bell Prize.