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2022.12.07 AIMday™ Quantum Technologies: Fast-track solutions through industry-academic collaboration
2022.10.14-15 Q-SITE conference at UofT
2022.05.30 CQIQC Conference on Quantum Information and Quantum Control IX will take place this summer, August 29 - September 2, 2022 Abstract submission deadline is approaching, May 30 see coverage here
2022.05.11 Quantum Tea is back! Join us for Tea and deli on May 11 between 3 to 4 pm. More details
2022.05.02 CQIQC and Xanadu Inc. co hosting "Training in Quantum Computing" for instructors.
2022.03.22 CQIQC and Xanadu Inc. co-hosted a student workshop on Quantum Computing with the title Open-source interactive tools for Quantum Computing: An introduction to PennyLane and The Quantum Codebook.
2022.02.14 CQIQC is sponsoring QHack 2022, a celebration of quantum computing with a Quantum Hackathon, expo and a scientific conferrence
2019.02.09 Prof. Henry Yuen's papers on quantum low-density parity-check (QLDPC) codes and Quantum proof systems for iterated exponential time featured in the QIP 2019 and STOC 2019 conferences.
2019.01.28 Proof-of-principle experiment for all-photonic quantum repeaters.
2018.10.11 Ilan Tzitrin's figure featured on the Physical Review kaleidoscope.
2018.09.25 Hoi-Kwong Lo elected Fellow of the APS.
2018.09.04 QCrypt 2018 Student Paper Award goes to CQIQC student Wenyuan Wang
2018.08.13 Three rules for founding a quantum computing startup
2018.07.01 Prof. Henry Yuen joins CQIQC and Deptartments of Computer Science and Mathematics.
2018.03.29 Prof. Alán Aspuru-Guzik joins CQIQC as Canada 150 Research Chair
2017.09.18 Creative Destruction Lab is luring the world’s quantum geniuses to Toronto
2017.08.31 Ronald Hanson, Sae-Woo Nam and Anton Zeilinger awarded the Fifth Bell Prize
2017.05.12 Is the Force with Us? Our Professor Aephraim Steinberg helps explain in Through the Wormhole!
2017.02.31 U of T physicists discovered a way to increase the resolution of microscopes and telescopes
2016.10.31 QKD with a silicon chip transmitter
2016.02.23 New Laws Governing the “Developmental Biology of Materials”
2016.02.22 Researchers demonstrate 'quantum surrealism'
2015.10.28 Fingerprinting: quantum beats classical
2015.08.19 Written in Light - Interview with Aephraim Steinberg
2015.07.31 Prof. Rainer Blatt awarded the Fourth Bell Prize
2015.04.15 Quantum cryptography at the speed of light
2014.12.12 CQIQC research among top 10 physics breakthroughs for 2014
2012.09.07 Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle Stressed
2012.03.30 Beating Quantum Hackers
2011.06.03 Average Trajectories of Single Photons in a Two-Slit Interferometer
2010.10.29 CQIQC Bell Prize at the University of Toronto 2011
2010.08.08 Quantum cryptography - Light fantastic
2010.07.11 Quantum crack in cryptographic armour
2009.06.25 Prof. Nicolas Gisin awarded the First Bell Prize
2009.03.05 Hardy's Paradox Resolved
2008.11.24 CQIQC Bell Prize at the University of Toronto
2007.12.29 U of T scientists make quantum computing leap
2007.12.29 Duo Claims Light Speed Broken
2006.12.27 Aephraim M. Steinberg received the Rutherford Memorial Medal in Physics 2006