CQIQC is tasked with promoting research collaborations in the rapidly evolving interdisciplinary fields of quantum information and quantum control. CQIQC's activities at the University of Toronto encompass the Departments of Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Materials Science. CQIQC members are involved in a variety of theoretical and experimental activities, including coherent control, quantum optics, quantum cryptography, quantum decoherence-control, and quantum algorithms.

The Center was established in April 2004 with internal funding from the President of the University of Toronto, the Vice-President of Research and Associate Provost, the Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Science, and the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering. It further funds endowed postdoctoral fellowships and visiting professorships, organizes conferences, workshops and summer schools, and coordinates the development and teaching of graduate courses in QI/QC, and runs a seminar series. It also sponsors the biennial John Stewart Bell Prize for Research on Fundamental Issues in Quantum Mechanics and their Applications.