2015.07.31 Prof. Rainer Blatt awarded the Fourth Bell Prize
2014.12.12 CQIQC research among top 10 physics breakthroughs for 2014
2012.09.07 Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle Stressed
2012.04.30 Researchers Entangle Photons with Integrated Circuit
2012.03.30 Beating Quantum Hackers
2011.06.03 Average Trajectories of Single Photons in a Two-Slit Interferometer
2010.11.22 Quantum Time Travel
2010.10.29 CQIQC Bell Prize at the University of Toronto 2011
2010.08.08 Quantum cryptography - Light fantastic
2010.07.11 Quantum crack in cryptographic armour
2009.06.25 Prof. Nicolas Gisin awarded the First Bell Prize
2009.03.05 Hardy's Paradox Resolved
2008.11.24 CQIQC Bell Prize at the University of Toronto
2007.12.29 U of T scientists make quantum computing leap
2007.12.29 Duo Claims Light Speed Broken
2006.12.27 Aephraim M. Steinberg received the Rutherford Memorial Medal in Physics 2006